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Lord Nargai the drunk / Jan 10, 2015
Blooddrunk still going strong, a bit scattered though! Most of us are on Snowbourn the rest on Withywindle and Gilrain. Come say hey! recruiting anything as long as you fit in and no existing members have problems with ye! We would like to start up raiding again, so if you are interested send an application or send a tell in game.
Lord Nargai the drunk / Aug 11, 2011
Hello there!,

I just want to give a small update. We've managed to get our members up to 10 and so are looking for a few more people. We've already managed to do multiple raids though at the moment we're still looking for a captain, a guardian or two, a burglar and a runekeeper.

The above message still counts, but yea if you think you'll be a good addition to our team, please send a tell to Legiton or me (Nargai) in game, or over the forums.